Ecommerce Chat Bots and 5 Day Challenges with Heather Terveen


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I first found Heather as I was scrolling through facebook. I saw an ad where she was telling me to stop and listen. I found the ad unique and fun so I stopped. I ended up sending it out to a few of my friends and then requested to chat with her. The converstaion went great so I decided to ask her to come on the show and talk about her ecomm experience with bots as well as what she has been up to.

BIO: Heather Terveen is an ecommerce entrepreneur and online marketing nut who teaches entrepreneurs how to grow their tribe of die hard customers and fans by using messenger marketing.

A professional writer and communication nerd (BA/MA Communication), Heather helps entrepreneurs connect and build rapport through their messaging so they can skip the slimy sales pitch and build authentic, profitable relationships with their dreams clients and customers.

Learn more about Heather Terveen here

Her Facebook Profile is here

Be sure to check out here free 5 Day Bot Challenge Here

Also mentioned in the show is So be sure to check out Seth Louey and what he has to say about ChatBots.

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