3 Levels of Facebook Ads with your Chat Bot (ChatFuel and ManyChat) with Mackenzie Liberman


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So you are thinking about building a chatbot or have just finished building one. What is the next step? How do you actually get traffic to it?

Mackensie Liberman of OrcaMarketology joins me as the first guest to be on the show a second time! And she breaks things down for us.

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Where to start with bots and facebook ads.

What is your first step?

What's the best way you attach your bot to ads?

What is the best type of ads to make to make for your chatbots so you find the right audience to interact with.

What is split testing and how it can really increase your results.

How to split test the right way!

From beginner, intermediate and advanced facebook ads strategies for your Chat Bot. Traffic and Messages best type of ad objective for chatbots?

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