007 Cyril Marques and Scaling Your Conversations


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Todays guest is Cyril! (Pronounced C-roll). We cover some great questions in todays episode and how Broid.ai plays a part in it all.

Website: www.broid.ai

Github repo: https://github.com/broidHQ/integrations

Cyril's self Bio: Passionated about communication and entrepreneurship, I learn, create, test, fail, get back up, learn some more and keep trying new things.

Spending half of my day on messaging apps, it was only natural that I joined Broid as VP Marketing, on a mission to unify messaging technologies.

Broid.ai: More than 20 messaging apps available, a state-of-the-art Web Messenger, all the most powerful conversational features in a single API: Broid is the best developer-first platform for scaling up your Messaging Game.

Member of Google & GitHub startups programs and based on an open source project, Broid addresses the growing issue of costly API integrations by freeing developers from that tedious work with a unified communication protocol using W3C standards.

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