Coronavirus : Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, Dr. Gwyneth Paltrow, and Dr. Rob Schneider Weigh in


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Yeah No Yeah recorded this episode from our respective homes, muddling our way through the covid-19 pandemic with rest of the world. We thought we'd take this time to check in with some of the celebrity doctors and MLM scams we've covered the past two seasons: What do the essential oil peddlers and schlocky TV doctors have to say about coronavirus? We talk about Goop-approved physician Dr. Kelly Brogan, the suspect psychiatrist who doesn't "accept coronavirus as a reality." Did Dr. Drew not treat the virus with the seriousness it deserved? Why is Dr. Phil giving toilet seat-licking "coronavirus challenge" tik-tokkers a platform? This episode also covers the rumor that the coronavirus came from bat soup, and the role of Chinese traditional medicine in the illegal wildlife trade.


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