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Have you ever felt like your diet or food choices left you isolated or alone? Diet culture creates community but it also separates us. From our favorite foods, from connection to our bodies, from friends, family, or social gatherings. This podcast showcases the stories of people who have embraced intuitive eating and a non-diet approach. Join host Cara Harbstreet, founder of Libre Connections, for conversations with experts and everyday people. She's a registered dietitian who loves to blend food science and nutrition knowledge with practical, real-world advice. She uses a Health at Every Size (HAES) perspective in both her practice and this podcast to create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can set aside their differences and reconnect over food. If you're curious, have a seat and listen in, you can eat with us! Stay tuned after each interview for a Q&A forum with listener-submitted questions. See episode descriptions and Show Notes at www.libreconnections.com/podcast.

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