ACL Injuries in Young Athletes - Dr Guri Ekås


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Dr. Guri Ekås is an orthopedic surgeon and sports physician specializing in knee injuries. Guri combines clinical and academic work, with a focus on the knee joint and ACL injuries, particularly in the pediatric population.

She works as a consultant at Akershus University Hospital in Norway. Guri finalized her PhD in June 2019: “Long-term outcomes after ACL injury during childhood” and is currently waiting for the defense. As part of this project, she has conducted clinical, functional and radiological follow-up of 50 young adults who have sustained an ACL injury during childhood.

Guri participated at the recent 2018 IOC Consensus statement on Management of Pediatric ACL injuries. She and her co-workers have also performed a systematic review on secondary meniscal injuries after ACL injury. Furthermore, she has been involved in sports medicine since 2010, working as a team physician for soccer, cycling and skiing.

She is currently team physician for the national ski jumping teams in Norway. Her affiliations are Akershus University hospital, University of Oslo and Oslo Sports Trauma Research Centre (OSTRC).

In this episode we cover;

  • How big an issue are ACL injuries in young athletes
  • How big an impact can an ACL injury have on young athletes
  • What is the current evidence for ACL injury management in young athletes?
  • Can young athletes cope without an ACL?
  • The value of injury prevention programs to reduce ACL injury
  • What are the treatment options for young athletes that have an ACL injury
  • Do all young athletes need to have an ACL reconstruction
  • How many young athletes can cope without an ACL?
  • Should I complete a period of rehab first, or have an immediate ACL reconstruction
  • What unique considerations are their for young athletes having an ACL reconstruction
  • What is the re-injury rate for young athletes that have an ACL reconstruction
  • The importance of early review when your young athlete injures their knee
  • Meniscus injuries in young athletes have a high healing potential
  • Every single knee injury is different in each young athlete
  • Non surgical management of ACL injury with high quality, structured rehab is a good option for young athletes
  • The critical importance of rehabilitation in ACL injury management
  • Rehab programs need to be developed specifically for your young athlete
  • Incorporating rehab in school and sport - Young athletes can complete rehab with their team
  • Managing social isolation in young athletes
  • Recommendations on Return to Sport after your ACL injury

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