Injury Prevention - 3 Perspectives in 1. Dr Andrea Mosler - Specialist Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist


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Dr Andrea Mosler is an Australian Specialist Sports Physiotherapist who consults at the AIS in Canberra. She is also an NHMRC Research Fellow at the Latrobe Sports and Exercise Medicine Research Centre, where she is currently working on hip-related groin pain, injury prevention, and women in sport research projects. She is also and mother of 2 active boys! Andrea really has had an amazing career to date

  • Andrea was a clinician at the Australian Institute of Sport from 1995-2013, working mainly with Australian water polo and gymnastics and was the
  • Sports medicine coordinator for National Women’s Water Polo for seven years.
  • She has been an Australian team physiotherapist at many sporting events including the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympics Games.
  • Andrea completed her PhD at Aspetar over in Qatar, investigating the risk factors for hip and groin pain in professional football players. She also works as a Senior Physiotherapist and Head of CME/CPD at Aspetar.

Andrea has a unique perspective to share here today, She has a foot in 3 camps, not 2!

  • As a parent of 2 teenage boys
  • As a Specialist Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist
  • As a researcher and academic

n this episode we cover;

  • What is a Specialist Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist
  • How a Specialist Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist can help in the management and care of young athletes
  • Detraining is a factor to watch out for when recovering from an injury
  • Physical and psychological readiness to go back to sport
  • Complete rest should not be prescribed when recovering from injuries
  • There is plenty of other things you can do to stay active during the rehab period
  • Organised sport should not be the cornerstone of physical activity
  • Incidental activity and free play appear to be important in the overall physical development and being more robust
  • Young athletes need to move more to help prevent injuries
  • The value of injury prevention programs
  • What sort of injury prevention programs are out there
  • What is the difference between injury prevention programs
  • High performance and reducing injury are aiming for the same thing

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