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Dr Etienne Du Preez is a Sports Physician based in Sydney. In this episode we talk about low back or lumbar spine stress fractures. What this injury is, how to best manage and treat a low back stress fracture, and the long-term implications of this injury.

Here’s what we discuss in this episode:

  • What is a Sports Physician and what do they do?
  • Lumbar spine stress fractures are more than just one condition
  • How common are lumbar spine stress fractures?
  • How normal is it for young people to have back pain?
  • What % of young athletes will experience a lumbar spine stress fracture?
  • How concerned should I be as a parent if my young athlete has a stress fracture?
  • What are the long-term implications of lumbar spine stress fractures?
  • How long does a lumbar spine stress fracture take to heal?
  • The impact of this injury on the injured young athlete and their families
  • Ways of helping injured young athletes cope
  • If my son/daughter tells me they have a sore back what is a good way to manage this?
  • Do I need to go straight to a physio or GP?
  • Initial management strategies when you have a young athlete with a sore back
  • When to look for assessment and treatment from a practitioner
  • Should I get an x-ray for low back pain in young athlete?
  • If the x-ray is clear, are we in the clear?
  • As a coach, what things should I keep in mind to look after the young athletes?
  • As a coach, what things do I keep in mind if I have an athlete who has had a stress fracture previously?
  • The critical importance of coaches in the prevention and management of stress fractures
  • 5 key things that can relate or contribute to stress fractures
  • How much do growth spurts or growing pains contribute to stress fractures
  • Load Management – How much, how hard, how often young athletes are training and playing
  • Parents pivotal role in managing the load of young athletes
  • The importance of sleep and the concept of sleep hygiene
  • Playing a wide variety of sports is better for young athletes overall development vs early specialisation in 1 sport only early in their life


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