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Associate Professor Nic Gill Nic Gill is a professional strength and conditioning coach and consultant with huge expertise in rugby and other sports. He is a staff wellness and fitness consultant for a number of international corporate organisations and also to a limited number of individuals who take their own health and fitness seriously. He is best known for his work in rugby with 17 years working in the sport. For the last eleven years Nic has been the strength and conditioning coach for the New Zealand All Blacks, a period of international success for the team which has included more than 120 rugby test wins and the World Cup title in 2011 and 2015. Nic continues to study and research many areas of sports science at the University of Waikato, constantly refining and evolving his philosophy for being fit and healthy and having the 'winning edge' in life and in competition. He currently lives in Tauranga and is married with two children. Nic, otherwise known as Gilly grows Avocados and Kiwifruit and tries to challenge himself every year with something that "gets him outta bed" to stay fit and healthy. In this episode we cover;
  • What do the All Blacks do in preparation for a Test Match
  • The importance of fun, doing the simple things well
  • Filtering out the noise
  • Consistency is key
  • The link between fun and success
  • The pitfalls of using elite training program models in young athlete programs
  • Young athletes are not ready for programs modelled on professional programs
  • High school is (unfortunately) the peak of many young athletes careers
  • The responsibility of parents to help their young athletes be fit and healthy
  • The importance of getting injuries right when they occur
  • Nic's view on the pillars of young athlete development
  • Parents as the glue in looking after their young athlete
  • Avoid early sports specialisation for young athletes

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