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Jon Acuff worked with a researcher and asked 10,000 people if they struggled with overthinking. 99.5% of those candidates said yes. Now…. what if we could tap into our overthinking and overcome it to achieve great things?

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In this episode, Chris invites Jon Acuff back onto the show to discuss his stand-up comedy experience and his brand new book, Soundtracks. Tune in to listen to how Jon has shifted his focus in the past year amidst the pandemic and why every entrepreneur should be tapping into their overthinking and learning how to overcome it!

Episode Timestamps:

  • [06:38] - Using humor to communicate difficult truths
  • [16:15] - What Jon has changed during the past year
  • [22:21] - Jon’s new book, Soundtracks
  • [25:25] - Tapping into your overthinking
  • [26:21] - Being prepared always leads to an action

Essential Learning Points From This Episode:

  • How the pandemic made Jon shift his focus
  • Why Jon’s book is about taking new actions that will lead to new results
  • Being prepared will always lead to seeing results
  • Overcoming your overthinking

Important Links & Mentions From This Episode:

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