336: The creative act of working on YOURSELF (w/ Alatar)


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Alatar is a genderfluid digital artist who creates character-driven adult illustrations. Their work includes both fanart and original content, and attempts to explore a wide range of body types, ethnicities, gender identities and sexualities (with perhaps slightly more attention paid to abs). They are also the host of the podcast Blue Magic, where they interview other creatives in the erotic field.

In this episode, Alatar discusses:

-What their Miracle Morning has looked like recently.

-Realizing that they might have ADHD and some of the methods and hacks they have been using in order to stay more focused.

-How working on yourself is the greatest creative act you can embark upon.

-The way in which the creative process has become a religious experience for them.

-Writing your own Gospel and living your own Myth.

-Their recent experience with magic mushrooms.

-Taking the “Journey to the Imaginal Realm” course with Becca Tarnas.

-Cultivating a relationship with our unconscious.

-How SESTA/FOSTA changed the landscape for adult artists.

-Dealing with the emotional despair of sites changing the landscape for adult artists.

-Bugs Bunnying your way through any situation.

Alatar's Final Push will inspire you to take that first step and just GO! Quotes:

“Working on yourself is just another creative act. It might not be a pretty piece of art, but it’s YOU. And you are your best work, when you come right down to it.”

“To me, pursuing art has become the path that teaches me how to pursue life.”

“Our unconscious is extraordinarily powerful. What we think of as the self is the tip of the iceberg. And it goes all the way down to the root.”

“What are you waiting for? This is your chance. You don’t know if tomorrow is going to come.”

“Take one step right now. Your soul is on the line. This is the most important thing you can do for your life. So just do it, already. You have permission. Go.”

Links mentioned:

The Disorganized Mind by Nancy A. Ratey

Organization Solutions for people with ADHD by Susan Pinsky

Yoga With Adriene

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

Journey to the Imaginal Realm (Becca S. Tarnas)

Becca Tarnas on Rune Soup [1] [2]

Tolkein “On Fairy Stories”


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