337: Ignorance is bliss when you're learning something new (w/ Nick Ulivieri)


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Nick Ulivieri is a photographer who likes his verticals parallel, his skies wild, his colors bold, and hanging above Chicago. Shooting structures & architecture is his profession.

He is a commercial photographer based in Chicago who specializes in shooting architecture, real estate, food & hospitality.

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In this episode, Nick discusses:

-How a trip to Italy sparked his interest in photography.

-His family friend asking him to take photographs and how that led to him starting his business.

-What it was like in the early days of his photography career.

-The importance of design, messaging and consistency of voice.

-How he got clients when he first started out (and how he gets them now).

-How he fell into taking photographs of architecture and how he finds ways to give the same structures and landscapes a new feel.

-The experience of shooting aerial photographs in a helicopter.

-The process of choosing which photographs he shares on his Instagram and Twitter feeds (and in what order).

-His thoughts and advice for growing a following on Instagram.

-How the business end of photography actually ends up being a resistance to his creative side.

Nick's Final Push will make you realize that you can do anything that you have a passion for, so long as you put your mind to it. Quotes:

“Sometimes ignorance is bliss when you’re learning something new.”

“I was indirectly promoting my services just by practicing my craft around the city and sharing the photos I took.”

“You can do it. You may be surprised with what you can do if you have a passion for something and you work hard at it and aren’t afraid to take that risk.”

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