158 Interview with Daniel Conklin, Ph.D. on How the Environment Impacts Diabetes


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Wildfires on the West Coast, California, Oregon and Washington are affecting millions of people today. Many are asking what they can do to breathe easier while affected by the air pollution these fires cause.

In this podcast Tracy Herbert interviews Daniel Conklin, Ph.D. Professor of Medicine at the University of Louisville Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute. Dr. Conklin shares insights on how pollution in the environment plays a role in insulin resistance.

Research shows people with diabetes may have increased insulin resistance due to air pollution. To help us understand how people diagnosed with diabetes and those who are healthy but living in wildfire zones and highly polluted area can best protect themselves, Tracy gains insights in this podcast from Dr. Daniel Conklin.

Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute: https://enviromeinstitute.com Laboratory research page: https://louisville.edu/envirome/research/laboratories/conklin-laboratory

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