210: The Perfect Business Podcast With Ben Krueger


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Do you want to start a podcast or do you already have one and want to step up your game? Here are some of the key principles you need to know about podcasting. Joining Mitch Russo in this conversation is Ben Krueger, an entrepreneur, podcast advisor and founder of Cashflow Podcasting, a premium podcast launching platform that has worked with industry advocates, including keynote speakers, bestselling authors and leading consultants. Starting as an intern trying his hands out on his employers’ podcast, Ben quickly figured out the ropes of the podcasting industry and built his own business from that knowledge and experience. From strategic principles such as getting clarity about the purpose of your podcast and knowing your niche and audience, to choosing episode formats, podcast promotion, monetization and content repurposing, this episode is a veritable podcasting starter’s kit. Some of the most valuable tips can be the littlest ones, so don’t skip a beat on this one!

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