205: Being Radically Relevant In A Noisy Market With Bill Cates


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With probably thousands of competitors in the same broad space you’re doing business in, how can you cut through all the noise and win your ideal clients? This is a question of relevance, and Bill Cates, the original Referral Coach, is the master of radical relevance – the art of winning ideal clients for your business. His business philosophy is based on really knowing your market and ideal clients, empathizing with them, and delivering a market message targeted to their needs and interests. Starting as a band drummer and wanderer, Bill finally found his passion in entrepreneurship, starting and selling two book publishing companies and authoring four books of his own. For the last 25 years, he has been speaking professionally and coaching small business owners, salespeople, and professionals, helping them learn about referrals and building client relationships. Join in as he talks with Mitch Russo on the podcast.

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