208: From Broke Dad To A Seven-Figure Trading Education Business With Casey Stubbs


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You don’t need to be a visionary all the time to succeed. Sometimes, you just have to read the instruction manual and follow the steps. Casey Stubbs did just that and is now reaping the benefits of his seven-figure business in stocks trading. Casey started as a broke dad of nine, who quit his profitable soap business in favor of construction and carpet cleaning just when things didn’t exactly pan out for both in 2008. With his old computer, he tried his hand out on website advertising and went on his way to the top since then. Casey now runs a thriving business at Trading Strategy Guides, helping traders and trading educators up their game by providing the best free trading education and education strategies. He aims to reach $20 million in revenue – a story that he shares to people through his podcast. Listen in as he tells his story to Mitch Russo on the show.

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