German Born Londoner Mark Hebwood’s Brilliantly Conceived Debut Book ”Happiness Rules” Clearly Sets Out How To Build, Maintain & Live Your ‘Authentic Life’


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This week’s guest, Mark Hebwood, is author of the brilliantly conceived debut book ”Happiness Rules”. If you are anything like me, you may have read dozens of self-help style books in this genre. However, I can pretty much promise you won’t have read anything quite like this.

Mark was born and raised in Germany before coming to London where he has lived and worked in the financial services sector for around 20 years. In Marks words he has “loved, lived, and breathed in the City of London,’’ and has been fulfilled and happy. As a result of this blissful existence Mark began to think how had it been possible for him to build his “authentic life”, and the result of that thought process is his book ‘’Happiness Rules’’.

Mark has combined his unique personal experiences with his deep analytical mindset to create a set of rules, that if followed will help you better understand who you are, what you need, and how shape your world to ensure you too can be as fulfilled as Mark.

Join me and Mark from his beautiful London apartment as we dive deep into the rules to create a happy life. This is your London legacy.

“It is coming full circle because after 20 years as a stock broker on London dealing floors—I have now just left the city…and I am now hoping to establish myself as a writer.”


Mark found that the period of adjustment he should have in leaving his job for retirement wasn’t quite what he thought. When he left the building for the last time he had to turn around stop to realize the fact and ponder about whether or not he should commemorate it. But this change was long coming and Mark was ready to accept it and his transition into writing—a passion of his from a young age that he couldn’t exercise professionally in his career.

“What gives you purpose changes and the thing you have to do, I would claim, as a person is to keep track of that change and not fall behind.”


While many people find their purpose through career and employment, Mark has come to realize that what gives us purpose changes. In order to keep track of our purpose and move through life we must understand a key thing—who we really are. Knowing who you are is essentially to your ‘authentic life’—and Mark notes that you do not simply find that life, you build it. It’s an active process.

On Happiness Rules: “I wanted it to be a sounding board for those who try to find the authentic life, which just simply means the life that is right for you and where you can be yourself and where you don’t live your life by the standards of others.”

Happiness Rules is a book unlike any I’ve read in the self-help genre, as it takes a very analytical lens to viewing oneself and life. Going step by step through the processes Mark took to realize what made him an individual and how to not live by the standards of others. It took him a while to get to a place where he was okay with himself and his life, and in sharing his journey he hopes to help yours—although he points out there is no one generic rule to creating an authentic life. The path is different for every person, highlighting the need to know yourself before you can employ any method to find it.

I highly encourage you to get a copy of Happiness Rules and follow Mark on his authorship journey in the novels he wants to write. You can find his website at



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