Nic Gibson: The Church is Not an Abstraction


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Yup, you read that time right. This is a long episode. And it’s worth it! Break it up in chunks. Take a week to listen!

Is the Church even that important?

Many people are asking this question. And many people have already answered it… No. It might be nice. But it’s not necessary.

This is not a question the Scriptures are asking. The Scriptures simply assume it’s big time important. And, frankly, “important” isn’t even strong enough to capture it. Essential might be a bit better.

And yet, it doesn’t feel that way. Our friends don’t think of like that. It can be easy to dislike. It can be easy to ignore.

But here’s the deal: College Life burns for you to learn to love the local church. So this is important to us. We needed the right conversation partner… We got him.

His name is Nic Gibson. He’s the Lead Pastor of High Point Church in Madison, Wisconsin, he’s the author of books, he’s an incredibly passionate and learned speaker and thinker, and he shares DNA with our very own Stanford Gibson – so he’s bound to be smart, right?

His tone is sharper. He speaks more candidly. And that’s the perfect voice for the seriousness of this conversation.

Enjoy the podcast.


Substance: Becoming Oaks of Righteousness in a World of Vapor, Nic GIbson

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