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We dive into her book Enchanted Sacred Garden: Dragon, as the story unfolds, in this episode we analyze the psychology of character fulfillment and why the power of choice is the real key factor in a transformation arc. Wittingly or unwittingly shaping our self-image by our creative experience in the past. Likewise, using that same methodology, you can change it.

Understanding the motivations that drive us are often a mystery- even to ourselves. Angie and I talk about self-reflection and the impact from our past transgressions.

It was a pleasure to sit down with a very bright-minded author, Angie Rooker. I found her new book, and our interview offers a lot of hope. A confident belief that Angie Rooker will be the next J.K. Rowling. You can check out her work and celebrate with her release of The Enchanted Garden: Dragon today.

Quiet and curious, Dragon Gaelen isn’t a typical dragon. For one, she was raised by gnomes.

Having lost everything before she was hatched, Dragon knows very little about her origin. Growing up among the cob and wood houses of peaceful Gnome Colony, she’s always felt accepted and loved—but never entirely as she belonged.

When her adoptive family enrolls her in the impressive Breezewillow Academy, Dragon believes it holds the key to the missing pieces of her past. Surrounded by students and teachers from all across Enchanted Sacred Garden, she hopes she’ll finally stop feeling like an outsider.

However, Breezewillow isn’t at all what she expects. On her first day, she feels lost,

overwhelmed, and betrayed. She believed meeting other dragons would help her find herself.

Instead, she finds herself the target of their jokes, teased for her difference, and never embraced as one of their own. Filled with shame and self-loathing, Dragon must choose to stay silent and bury her past—or find her voice among the pain.

A compelling story about being true to ourselves, Dragon takes us on a journey of self-

acceptance—illustrating how the choices we make impact the magic we wield.

What we discussed in this episode:

  • How to resonates with readers in world-building in fantasy and science fiction.
  • What the Three types of character arcs are, and how to recognize and craft each type.
  • Why the power of choice resonates with readers and illustrating its importance to all types of character arcs and
  • How the characters remain compelling throughout the story
  • Author & Character Role and Development lead into a metamorphosis
  • Mind over matter and what matters
  • Overcoming mystical challenges and how we can relate
  • Essential Elements Every Fantasy Novel Needs
  • Writing Tips, Business Tips, Marketing Tips, The phases of the publishing process
  • And much more…

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Angie Rooker

An author, poet, and mixed media artist who lives in Kansas with her husband, daughter, and two fur babies. Having worked in the field of youth advocacy for over thirteen years prior to becoming a published author, Angie dedicates her energy toward encouraging others to build their connection to their voice, personal strengths, and potential to make a positive difference in the world.

Angie loves sharing her magical imagination with her family and continuously enjoys playing in and exploring the world of creativity.

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Friday May 1, 2020 ESG: Dragon Book Release Celebration Hosted by A Dreamer Creations

Saturday Jun 27, 2020 ESG: Dragon Book Signing Wichita, KS

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Like what you hear? Please drop us a review to consider any thoughts or ideas on how I can improve your metamorphosis on Your Transformation Station. Email me at Consider your Twitter handle so we can thank you personally!

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