Episode 101 The Road to Casino Profitability During COVID Times


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Alternate title: How Casinos Are Getting Their Mojo Back with Eric Rosenthal

Few industries on the planet have been immune to the coronavirus pandemic’s effects, with the casino industry hit particularly hard. Today, we chat with Eric Rosenthal and dive into all things casinos (profitability). The pandemic has had some profound effects on casinos, with some battling to generate revenue, while the supposed ‘little guys’ have survived better than expected.

We contrast the struggles of Vegas Strip Casinos versus Vegas Downtown Casinos, and how behemoth strip properties face more challenging times than their downtown contemporaries.

Lockdown and its gradual easing have shaped the way we experience casinos and will continue to do so for the immediate future. Interestingly, by having fewer casino-goers at tables, the casino profitability of games played (hands dealt), dice rolls, and transactions have improved in some cases.

Yet, some (non-casino-banked) card games, like poker, have virtually died. We contemplate how casinos will compensate for this loss and the limitations of the number of players at casino-banked games and touch on one common denominator – data. How casinos adapt and recover will depend on analyzing data and how well they use it. So tune in and discover how casino habits are changing and hear about what the future holds.
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