Episode 102 The Most Exciting Thing about Circa Las Vegas with MeltzVegas


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It’s been four decades since a new casino joined the downtown Las Vegas skyline. Now the whole gaming world is buzzing with anticipation over Circa Las Vegas — a property that promises to be “The Conduit between the Las Vegas of Yesterday and the Las Vegas of Tomorrow.” Today we speak with Marc Meltzer about one of Circa’s most exciting features, its sportsbook.
Early in our conversation, Marc compares Circa’s sports offering to its competitors before detailing the top three things he looks for in a sportsbook. We chat about the importance of atmosphere in gaming, and Marc shares his enthusiasm for being a large room filled with people who have money on the line.
We discuss how the pandemic has changed the feeling of sportsbooks and then look at how different casinos curate their spaces to create different types of ambiance. From their burger joints and Asian fusion restaurants to their coffee spot called Jack Pots, we then discuss Circa’s numerous and delectable-sounding food and beverage services. Tune in for more insights into Circa, a potentially game-changing property that promises to offer the best from a Vegas gaming experience.
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