Episode 90 Atlantic City Casinos Reopening - How is this gonna work?


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[Important Note: The entire landscape and rules and regulations for the openings of casinos in New Jersey is a "moving target." We recorded episode 90 on June 24th, 2020]
When the first Atlantic City casinos opened, players used to queue along the boardwalk to get in. Now that the city is reopening its casinos from July 2nd, not many people know what to expect. With limits on how many people can enter Atlantic City’s casinos, we may get to see lines snaking along the boardwalk again. To get more context on the situation, we speak to Caesars Rewards Expert and the mastermind behind Seven Stars Insider, Darryl McEwen. We discuss which hotels have committed to opening and what their health regulations might look like. With not much information released yet, Darryl shares his view on what the much spoken about ’25 % capacity limit’ might refer to. We talk about what COVID-19 health protocols are in place in Vegas and how there are inconsistent rules among the different casinos — and even among the different American states. We speak about how these health rules might influence the number of patrons visiting Atlantic City casinos before exploring how they might impact casino benefits and services. Darryl tells us what to expect and then gives his impressions on how the New Jersey governor is handling the situation. With Darryl’s expert insights, our conversation provides a view into what playing will be like in the foreseeable future.
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Atlantic City June 2020 | Atlantic City casinos to reopen July 2
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