Episode 92 What is a Discretionary Casino Comp?


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Discretionary casino comps have become a nebulous concept since there is such a discrepancy in the allocation of them among different casinos. Back in the day, hotels and casinos readily gave away discretionary comps, but this has changed significantly over time.
Today, hosts rarely give these away, often suggesting you use your rewards credits instead or charge the items to your room. This is not to say that you should give up trying but perhaps to approach it a little differently, keeping in mind the corporate perspective and that restrictions are often a means of controlling and tracking how much they award your gaming “action.”
It is all about remaining respectful, not taking advantage, using your logic, and not gambling more than you are willing to risk. Also, to be prepared to pay if it comes to that. In this episode, we dive into this topic, bringing out listeners multiple perspectives and expanding their understanding of this issue. Be sure to tune in!
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