Episode 99 Casino Conspiracy Theories and UK Casinos Revisited


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Casinos in the UK were finally allowed to reopen on Saturday, August 15th, after the government decided against extending the closures further. Casinos closed on March 20th due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it has been a long hiatus! In this episode, we discuss our first trip to Playboy Club London. We also discuss some of the interesting regulations for slot machines in the UK. The episode’s unexpected tangent was a conversation about some superstitions that players have that simply don’t make any sense. Why would you play a game if you think you’re being cheated? Why would the casino cheat you when they already have a house edge? All this and more in Episode 99 of ZorkCast! Tune in today.
Playboy Club London, a Caesars UK Property

🇬🇧 UK Casinos Reopening 😷 Are UK Casinos safe to visit?
We report from the Playboy Club in London.

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