1-2-2021 "Zorra Call" Messages, Rv Update, Special Guest and Q&A


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Dear Beloved Gods and Goddesses, Dear beloved Goddesses and Gods, "Happy Times Ahead for Humanity and Terra Christa as we move into "2021". That is the Grand Plan!What's in store for all of us as we begin our New Year? Then on a personal note, have you written down your goals that you wish to achieve? We will also have more RV/GCR updates. Learn how to access the information about the RV exchange or redemption etc. Please be patient we are still in process of setting up the DropBox filled with information for all of us. Love to All,Zorra, Zaraya and Jane/Quazar Email: bzjrainpartners@gmail.com "AMAREGlobal" FOR KIDS How are children coping with the shutdowns and conflicts within the family and restrictions in the school systems? How can we help them nutritionally and emotionally. Replay with Dr. Jerry 12-30-2020 _zorraofhollowearth-1023047-10.mp3 www.amageglobal.com/57106 Customer service: 1-888-898-8551

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