1/16/2021 Zorra Call Now 9:30 PT, to Continue our Call


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Dear beloved Goddesses and Gods, How is everyone holding up? There has been enormous activities positive and negative on all fronts, personally, politically, health wise, emotionally as well as financially. We know that we are at a great moment in time (existence) to push Humanity and Terra Christa to great heights of vibrations and frequencies, prosperity and freedom etcetera. We welcome all of you again so we can share our love and energy healing with each other as we continue to support one another through this stage of evolution....Disclosure and Ascension, here we come! Of course, we do have Special Guests so come and listen! See all of you in a few hours from now..been so busy but All Is Well. Thank you for understanding that this newsletter is late. "What a Wondrous, Glorious and Loving Now" Love to All, Zorra, Zaraya and Jane/Quazar bzjrainpartners@gmail.com

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