#32: Peter Breen | Understanding The Micro Skills That Make You Better


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In this episode, we go deep on the upcoming Detail series that is coming Rugby Bricks followers and a fireside chat with Aaron Smith.

One of the missing links I've found in rugby is the attention to detail. Some of the best in the world are making half centimetre adjustment to their hand position or ball drop and as a community, we've been missing this. This is where our new long-form content series "DETAIL" enters the picture, we're creating a subscription site that is based on bringing you the micro-skills that will help you perform better at the breakdown or just rapidly distributing the ball. In this podcast episode, I cover:

  • What the DETAIL series will cover
  • My most recent podcasts with Stephen Larkham and Devin Markle
  • A 10-minute fireside chat with Aaron Smith

Enjoy this DETAIL episode of the Rugby Bricks podcast.

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