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Hooked in New England

Hooked in New England

Capt. Lou Tirado & Capt. Mike Faulkingham

Chasing, Catching, and Conserving New England's Saltwater Sportfish. A podcast that combines seriously fun conversations with a wide array of saltwater fishing's favorite folks to help all of us become better anglers, better stewards of our environment, to help small businesses thrive, and to help our fish survive.
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John Skinner is a humble groundbreaker in striped bass fishing; he stumbled unknowingly into YouTube stardom by quietly and unassumingly filming himself as he taught us how to use tackle we all had, but had been using incorrectly, or not as effectively as could have been. Anglers anxiously await his next post, knowing that it may well provide the d…
Walking into a shop to buy a fishing rod can be a daunting task, more often than not the rods are grouped together, and what it can look like is a labyrinth of different length, action, and power rods. Some will be the same length, but will have a different handle, or line rating, or lure rating. In this Short Strike, we will go over the different …
Being on the boat is all fun and games until it isn't. As Professional Guides we have a duty to make sure our guests have a great trip, and with that we need to ensure that everyone has a safe trip, and in the event of a mishap we need to have a plan. In this Short Strike we go over just a few of the safety measures we take, and our thought process…
In this Short Strike we go over what you can expect to see as the season winds down. The bait, the gear, the trends. As with everything in life, everything is fluid and so is the fishing. Weather will play a factor, the presence of bait, and location will play a factor as well. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
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