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Study the Lutheran Confession of Faith found in the Book of Concord with lively discussions led by host Rev. Sean Smith and guest LCMS pastors. Join us as these Christ-confessing Concordians read through and discuss the Book of Concord and Confessional topics in order to gain a deeper understanding of our Lutheran faith and daily application in our vocations.
Weekly financial and retirement planning guidance with Steve Davis and Sean Tole of Davis Wealth Management in Concord, NH. They'll walk you through the important things you need to know about retirement, the key questions you should ask, and the steps to take to have a prosperous financial future. Questions for the team? Call 603-715-2335.
Concord Convos.

Concord Convos.

Josiah Koelpin and Caleb Heckendorf

This podcast will take you deep into the heart of MLC as two cool dudes from 1st floor Concord delve into a series of hot topics centered around honesty and a free-flowing mentality. Support this podcast:
Nice Try's second season, Interior, is all about the lifestyle products that have been sold to us over and over, and the promises of domestic self improvement they have made, kept and broken. From Curbed and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
Engaging Grace

Engaging Grace

Riverbend Lutheran Church

Weekly sermons by Reverend Sye Van Maanen, Riverbend Lutheran Church, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Pastor Sye is an engaging and compelling preacher, delivering sermons consistent with the Lutheran teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a member congregation of Lutheran Church Canada, we believe, teach and confess that Jesus Christ is true God and true man, that the Bible is the inspired, infallible, inerrant word of God and that the Book of Concord is an accurate formulation of our belie ...
Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays is one of the best Sign Companies and Print shops in Charlotte, NC. We design, print, and install custom signs, events banners, window graphics, wall wraps, environmental graphics, booklet printing, and marketing materials to improve the branding of businesses in Charlotte, NC, Concord NC, Fort Mill SC, Gastonia NC, Huntersville NC, Mooresville NC, and Rock Hill SC.
The Being Lutheran Podcast co-hosted by pastors Jason Gudim, Brett Boe, and Adam Osier. It is a walk through the Lutheran Book of Concord, episode by episode and article by article. This podcast started off as the adult Sunday School class at Faith Free Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, MN, taught by Jason. Brett brings an outsiders' perspective to the material and keeps Jason mostly on task, and Adam lends the perspective of an educator who has also been a parish pastor. The podcast is produc ...
Interested in science, technology, machinery, engineering and the history behind everyday things? Want a fast and fun way to get your kids interested in STEM? Look no further! We break down a weekly engineering topic in a way that everyone can understand and enjoy. Twitter: @UnproEng Instagram: Unprofessional_Engineering Facebook: UnprofessionalEngineering
Chuck Hall is a New England singer-songwriter with both traditional and contemporary influences. Active on the scene since the 1980's, he was also for many years a Boston folk radio personality, hosting programs on WUMB and the legendary Walden 1120, WADN-AM in Concord, Massachusetts. This podcast consists of music, sometimes his own, and interviews with friends, roamers and countrypersons. Thanks for listening!
Book 3 of the Salem Concord begins where The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers left off. In the Sorcerer's Secret, Jesse ventures deeper into the wizarding world and discovers that the Wizardry must live a secret. A secret that history altered. A secret that FOLK must never learn. It's up to Jesse and the secret wizard agent Ch-U-Ch to stop the forces that are trying to breach the Salem Concord and cause another Witch War. Meanwhile, Andrew and Brendan are learning that being a wizard in a F ...
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It's time for a deep dive into the history surrounding the Augsburg Confession! In this episode, hear answers to questions like: Why did Emperor Charles V calling for a general assembly at Augsburg in 1530? How much of the significance of the Augsburg Confession in its day was political and how much was religious or theological? Why didn't Luther w…
With David Nasternak and Alex Drain This Podcast Has a Sponsor: Michigan Law Grad Jonathan Paul is the guy with the C you want skating next to the ref and pleading your case. He's also a good guy to sit next to at the hockey games. [Writeup after THE JUMP] --------------------------------- Segment 1: A Tie and a Win 00:51 News, Notes, Catch-up Some…
When you think about air travel, what comes to mind? Cramped seats, hours of time wasted, and gross airports? Well, the airports would still be an issue, but the Concorde helped with some of the other problems!We looked at the plane that set the record for fastest commercial flight, going from New York to London in around 3 and a half hours! Wow!! …
This week on Facing the Future, we kick-off The Concord Coalition’s 30th anniversary year by talking with political strategist Kitty Kurth, who worked on the 1992 presidential campaign of socially liberal, fiscally conservative former U.S. Senator Paul Tsongas. Later that year she became the first employee of the Concord Coalition, when it was co-f…
Audio recording Sermon manuscript: It is not uncommon for people to think that if the Bible is true, then there should be lots of miracles. The Bible records many unusual signs and wonders that God has performed. The way the thinking goes is that if the Bible is true concerning these things, then these miracles need to keep happening. It is underst…
Droves of workers are retiring early or taking a break from work as they change career paths. It’s become known as The Great Resignation. On this episode, we’ll highlight some of the reasons why people are leaving the workforce and explore a lot of the impacts this is having on retirement planning. Visit Steve Davis & Sean Tole's website: http://ww…
Things discussed: Harbaugh to the NFL? Only the Raiders, and only if they make a ridiculous offer. Difference this year from last: Harbaugh went through last January’s renegotiation. If anyone’s going to make the move it’s the Raiders making a big one. Jim’s gotta know however that it’s not going to last. Donors who are for Michigan not their own s…
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