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Devon Alldred

Hosted by Ben Vignjevic & Devon Alldred. This podcast used to be the TiredHighRecaps podcast, however it has been rebooted in a less focused manner, If you have alot of time to listen, we try our best to make it worth your while! So let us ask you; are you Tired? High? Or both? Let's Recap it! because this is our side of the story.
Welcome to our Podcast! We are Wyatt and Devon, and this podcast will focus on reviewing Adventures in Odyssey episodes. Listen in for an exciting new perspective on episodes of Adventures Into Odyssey. Email us at: Follow us on Twitter: Listen on YouTube:
Representing Kenosha, Wisconsin- KTown! Your special host Devon aims to display the beauty and authenticity in his hometown and shows why it’s such a great city and place to be. We have Local spotlights on businesses and individuals, Health & Wellness featuring prominent physicians and personal trainers, community activists and much much more.
A podcast where we shoot the shit and blabber on. The podcast was designed by its creator and host to have the feeling of you hanging out with your friends. With guests and pop culture, this is a good time for all those involved. Devon brings the listeners a new way to hear everyone and makes sure the guest no matter who they are feel like they were hanging out at home with family. So sit back and enjoy yourself.
Bring out Your Geeks! is a podcast that explores the geeky hobbies and interests of Saskatchewan-based artists. Hosted by Devon Dozlaw, and created with the help of the Creative City Centre, BOYG is designed to provide a more comprehensive view of artists from various media by delving into the dorky things they love that get overlooked in other interviews about their work. It seeks to humanize artists, and forge community through geeking out hard.
Dan, Morg, and Devon seek to explore the world of Sonic lore. However the thing about Sonic lore is that pretty much every spinoff media is its own continuity. So in order understand Sonic holistically, they'll be randomly selecting which continuity to discuss each week.
Co-hosts Jimmie Gonzalez Jr. and Devon Watts Jr. discuss what it means to regain your “Entrepreneurial Birthright” by Pursuing your Purpose, Creating Profits, and Building Legacy. Devon & Jimmie share lessons they have learned along their entrepreneurial journey, as well as interview other entrepreneurs to learn how they’ve been Mentored by Adversity.
The W

The W

James Webber - Sports Fanatic & Fantasy Sports Enthusiast Based in KCMO

A very good sports podcast. James Webber, along with co-host Devon Tubbs, talk all news and notes about the NFL, NCAAF, MLB, and more.
A Different Lens

A Different Lens (Hampton Institute)

A Different Lens is a bimonthly audio podcast produced by the Hampton Institute. It is hosted by the Institute’s Politics/Government Department Chair, Devon Bowers. Department chairs are interviewed each month, where articles are discussed more in-depth as well as concepts and theories relating to their specific departments. (
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In this episode of the Devon Kershaw Show, we bring back Zach Caldwell, one of North America’s leading ski and wax experts. We get into the arcane and arguably misguided rules around the use of fluorocarbon waxes at high-level races, along with potential challenges for wax and ski technicians at the little-studied Beijing Olympic venue. You can fin…
Nick Devon is no stranger to delivering interludes of bass filled pleasures and this latest Steyoyoke Podcast is of no exception. Driving home all the things we love and come to expect from Nick, this mix bellows raw depth and intensity. Aligning a crew of masterful artists for the track listing, names such as OIBAF AND WALLEN, Haffenfold, Thomas S…
Download (Right-Click, Save-As) (AKA – The Hairy Hands of Dartmoor, The Unseen Hands) The legend of the Hairy Hands is set in Postbridge, Dartmoor. The road is now known as the B3212. Since 1921, the road has been the locale of a legendary menace – a pair of powerful unseen hairy hands that occasionally drives people to their death. But where did t…
This week, Dan, Morg, and Devon watch the first 4 episodes of the Sonic Boom TV series! Or rather, they go off of very different listing of what the first 4 episodes are, leading to Morg and Devon having to teach Dan for once. Himbo Knuckles gets to shine. Sticks is just there. Eggman is a bad roommate. THIS WEEK: Sonic Boom (the TV series) NEXT WE…
Presented by Screen Times Apple TV Release Calendar Screen Times: Apple Originals Award Season Guide - Tweet Screen Times Servant Sigmund Judge - Interview with Servant’s Rupert Grint and Toby Kebbell Sigmund Judge - Interview with Servant’s Lauren Ambrose The Tragedy of Macbeth Sigmund Judge - Fraggle Rock: Back to …
Cigars! Wars! Bestiality! The advent of the ‘DID YA KNOW’ jingle that has been gently massaging your earholes for the last couple of episodes! Join us as we discuss marketing strategy, the difficulty of comedy translating across generations, and also the Marx Brothers’ 1933 ‘classic’ Duck Soup! Watch and Learn. (And listen to our banger of a sting.…
For this episode of Hawk Talks, Devon sits down with a couple of Sask musicians to discuss the original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 video game and its iconic soundtrack. THPS2 was a critical and commercial success when it released in 2000, and it resonated with gamers and skaters alike. This time Devon is joined by Matt Carr (Pop Pop Vernac, These Est…
The brothers are joined by long time fan of the channel, and amazing knife maker Jordan Danz from JD Custom Knives. They talk about his journey into knife making, ways to learn from your mentors and idols, and fun times behind the YouTube camera. Check out Jordan on Instagram, YouTube, and his website here @jd_custom_knives on IG Outdoor Gear Dad o… This episode contains: Ben is super awake this episode, Devon is kinda here. We never know what Shrodinger Steven is gonna say to introduce the other hosts. Devon reviews a Peppa Pig playground. Steven got a LEGO Fender Guitar and Amp. Ben’s got into sudoku. Steven’s riding bikes…
Your Uncompromising Coaches are BACK with Episode 72 of the Uncompromising Entrepreneur Podcast. On this episode the guys breaking down the breakup for the I AM ATHLETE podcast crew. Listen as they dive into the lessons that can be learned as an entrepreneur about ownership, having your business right, and being committed to the price being the pri…
Welcome to the Last Night I Watched podcast, a film review book club style podcast. Each episode we choose a film to discuss. So sit back and enjoy Scream 5. Intro and Outro Music Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Support the show (https…
Well, it's finally happened. we've talked about a movie for longer than the runtime of the movie.We also bid goodbye to a beloved classic character, Mitchell from the movie Quantum of Solace. It's always so hard to lose them like this... I'd only just recovered from the untimely demise of 'the character Sharkey from the movie License to Kill', and …
Today we sit down with Dr. Gilbert Doctorow, an international affairs specialist, to discuss the current crisis between the US/NATO and Russia, delving into the historical context, how the media is portraying everything, and where to get more information on the situation itself. Shownotes Gilbert Doctorow Ray McGovern Veteran Intelligen…
We celebrate the first episode of Season 6 of the Say Report, and what would have been Betty White's 100th Birthday, by detailing our plans for the year including our first Epicode focusing on the How I Met Your Mother Universe and its growth in 2022, the theme of this years Very Special Episodes, and a glance back at how far we have come as podcas…
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