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2020 isn't going to be fun for anybody, left, right, or center. What many call the Most Important Election of Our Lifetime is going to be exhausting, ugly, angry, and probably at least a little racist. Listen as Robert Evans, Katy Stoll, and Cody Johnston try to keep level heads covering the election while traveling the country, from the Iowa Caucus to gun shows and anti-vaccine conventions, finding out what Real America really wants and thinks during the, “Worst Year Ever.”
Talk of Iowa is a place for Iowans to connect to our shared culture and what it means to live in Iowa. Host Charity Nebbe brings a mix of regular guests and a range of experts to discuss the arts, history, literature and everything else happening in Iowa. Every day brings something new — even if it's in a recurring segment like Talk of Iowa Book Club or comes from a familiar voice on Horticulture Day.
Welcome to Iowa Innovation, the weekly podcast that will introduce you to new ideas, new tools, and the lessons learned from real Iowa innovators. Join hosts Dr. Jennifer Murphy and Not-A-Doctor Rob Merritt every Wednesday as they talk with the best innovators, educators, and entrepreneurs Iowa has to offer. So get those ideas off of the whiteboard and accelerate your growth with Iowa Innovation! For more information, visit This podcast is powered by NewBoCo.
The "Iowa Business Report” is a weekly half-hour radio program featuring interviews about business, government, the economy, jobs, trade, and investments. Each program also includes a “Business Profile” segment, telling the story of one Iowa-based company and its impact. The "Iowa Business Report" is presented by Advance Iowa ( with additional support from the Iowa Business Council ( The program is a copyrighted production of Totally Iowa Media, which ...
The Last Dog is a thrilling and heartfelt audio adventure with the love story between a girl and a dog at its center. In an apocalyptic future, climate change and overconsumption have made our planet a very different place. The seas have risen, resources are scarce…and animals have disappeared off the face of the earth. Most people believe they never existed at all. 12-year-old Iowa Chapman is not most people. And when she’s rescued by what might be the last remaining dog, she realizes the r ...
This podcast is a safe space for us to talk about all things Repro in Iowa and across the nation. I created this as a space to share our stories and experiences on all things reproductive rights and justice. This podcast is designed for all peoples to come on and talk openly about their experiences regarding repro rights, abortions, LGBTQ+ issues, BIPOC issues, mental health issues and surrounding topics in regards to reproductive freedom.
Our freedom of conscience and religion is being challenged by laws and regulations being imposed by secular society. Deacon Mike Manno and Gina Noll talk to the top Christian litigators in the nation who have come forward to tell the truth and help defend our faith.
Here First

Here First

Iowa Public Radio

Start your day with the essential local news you need to know. Host Clay Masters rises bright and early to bring you the top news stories of the morning in under 15 minutes. Wake up, pour your coffee and get your news Here First.


Beth & Alli

The “heart of America” may not be as warm and loving as you think. Join Alli and Beth—native Iowans—as they share stories of murders and cold cases across the state of Iowa, one county at a time. And the best part? Taps, our anonymous former homicide detective/lawyer, is there to answer all of our loosely-related questions about the case.
Discover Iowa’s role in the advancement of civil rights. Learn how landmark Iowa court cases, the Iowa Underground Railroad, Iowa towns like Buxton, and Iowa civil rights pioneers like Alexander G. Clark, Ralph Montgomery, Edna Griffin, and more guided the future of the state and the nation. We will look at how the nation’s path forward might be discovered by gleaning the wisdom of Iowa history. For any questions or suggestions, please email Erick at
River to River is a conversation about the news with an Iowa perspective. Together we dig into the story behind the headlines - we talk with newsmakers and a diverse range of experts to find out how the news affects you. We take on challenging topics, explore issues from all sides, and foster conversation and understanding
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On this week’s edition of the On Iowa Politics Podcast: the Democratic debate/primary; what’s a governor’s endorsement worth; COVID-19 and the campaign; bipartisanship; and free the weed; the Legislature – is the end in sight. On Iowa Politics is a weekly news and analysis podcast that aims to re-create the kinds of conversations that happen when y…
Our friend Jaylen Cavil is running for Iowa House District 36. His primary is June 7th and he is one of 6 Democrats running for the nomination!Here's a map of the 36th district:'s how to vote if you live…
Iowa baseball coach Rick Heller is the guest on this week's Hawk Off The Press podcast with The Gazette's John Steppe. Heller discusses Adam Mazur's standout season, the highs and lows for the Hawkeyes this spring, his pitch for an NCAA tournament at-large bid, the regular-season finale against Indiana, the upcoming renovations to Duane Banks Field…
This week we say goodbye to graduating senior podcast hosts, Lexi Fahrion, Emma Meador, and Alex Murra. The talk about their experiences and public health students and podcasters as they look to what's next for each them.A transcript of this episode will be available soon.Have an idea for a show? Questions or comments for our hosts? Send email to c…
Wayne is back from "graduation" with a new attitude. The guys are understandably skeptical. Mitch takes over coaching little league and encounters some of the "fun" that comes with dealing with parents. Aaron's son finds himself in some hot water after uttering a word (THE word) he says he learned from his brothers. And for you conspiracy theorists…
Join hosts Dr. Jennifer Murphy and Not-A-Doctor Rob as they speak with Alissa Gardner, Founder of Farm to Health Organics, a licensed hemp grower in the state of Iowa. The group discusses the misconceptions behind hemp and marijuana, Alissa's transition from her successful career in real estate into this new space, and how rest is key to any succes…
The guys open up with their kismit around Malort this weekend and life goals like dunking a basketball & running races before diving into their sentiments around Iowa sports (~13:00). They move on to Big Ten football odds (~21:00) and brief scheduling and NIL discussions (~37:00) before closing with Kris Murray takes and pop culture items. Learn mo…
At the “world’s end”, Iowa and Doggo may have finally arrived at the gates to Haven. Listen afterward for a discussion about what we can all be doing to fight climate change with Dr. Dalia Kirschbaum, Chief of the Hydrological Sciences Laboratory at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.…
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