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Genetic Drift

Genetic Drift

Anthony Godddard

Genetic drift is a science podcast like no other. Join the duo of Anthony and Juliet as they take a deep dive into the world of genetic diseases and medical genetics. In this show, we will lead you through the biology of each disease including the molecular genetics that can determine the outcome of these hereditary conditions. We then discuss the medical history of the disease as well as what we know of it's origins from the genes themselves before discussing their future alongside common m ...
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Join Anthony and Juliet in their latest installment as they look into the medical condition known as SMA. Follow its ancient roots, the tragic impact that its biology can have on children and the promising future brought on by the release of an exciting gene therapy treatment. Tune in to the latest episode of this medical podcast to learn how scien…
In this episode Anthony and Juliet dive into a condition which influenced and ended the life of folk musician Woody Guthrie. Join us as we explain how the molecular genetics of this condition result in your own cells poisoning themselves. In this latest installment of our medical podcast, we discuss the biology, history, the optimistic future and m…
In this episode, by popular demand, Anthony and Juliet discuss a group of genetic disorders called Waardenburg syndrome. Here they take a deep dive into the condition and discuss how effecting different genes that regulate the same system can ultimately lead to a similar result. The complications of resolving biases around conditions that change th…
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