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Small Town Dicks is a podcast about the big-time crime that’s happening in Small Town, USA. Each episode features the detectives who broke the case in their small town, and includes assets like jailhouse phone calls, suspect interviews, and 9-1-1 calls. The show is anchored by veteran, identical-twin detectives Dan and Dave, and hosted by actress, Yeardley Smith. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Rad Nerd Dad Podcast

Rad Nerd Dad Podcast

Zach Reeps, Clint Kolves & Dick Horton

Three 30-something, small-town dads give their unique and hilarious unfiltered opinions about current and past pop culture events. Weekly discussions about relevant, nerdy pop culture topics happening in the world with the occasional throw back to nostalgic pop culture from our childhoods and beyond.
Having grown up in a small country town together; Paul and Luke have developed a unique perspective on religion, philosophy and culture. They also enjoy dick jokes. Join them as they tell a few stories and share how they go about adjusting to life as an 'adult'.
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An undercover drug investigation leads to a web of political corruption that has ties to an international crime syndicate. As the case unfolds, our two detectives, Matt, who’s working undercover, and Blake, his handler, begin to wonder if the corruption reaches into their own department, too. The detectives: Detective Matt grew up in Pennsylvania. …
An estranged spouse calls 911 to say she shot her husband in self-defense. But as detectives look at the crime scene and begin digging into the history of the relationship, they start to doubt the caller’s story. Was this a fatal case of domestic violence, or did something more sinister take place? Detective Robert investigates. The detective: Dete…
Police in a small town come across a grisly scene - an elderly woman beaten and stabbed in her own bed. As Detective Greg sets out to find out who is responsible, and bring them to justice. One of their leads comes from a young boy who tells them a story of a ginger-bearded man. A story all the more chilling when detectives discover the real truth.…
Detective Dan takes the mic to recount a couple of wild cases involving some very crafty crooks. Thieves can be clever, so it takes some real police work to break the case. In part one, you'll get to know a couple of key fob bandits. It'll remind you to keep close watch on your gym locker. In part two, you'll meet the charming but dangerous members…
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