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This account at podOmatic is not longer being updated! ALL episodes are posted on the OFFICIAL website of the Iconoclast Report at http://iconoclastreport.com - go there! ABOUT THE SHOW:Have you ever wondered more about the economy, the pharmaceutical - industrial complex, gmo foods and additives and those weird stripes in the sky? The Iconcolast Report delves deeply into these subjects and more, such as the military - industrial complex and high-tech weaponry, ELF and EMF effects, intelligence agencies and spying on the public, conspiracies against the citizens, and social commentary on issues like feminism. Specializing for the last 10+ years in in-depth research subjects that interrelate, the show delves deeply into one subject each week to help people understand the why and what for, as well as the who. Visit http://iconoclastreport.com today!

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