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Just when you thought it was safe to listen to talk radio again, in comes The Dirty Dan and Mongo Man Show. Dirty Dan Buck, Hall-of-Famer and legendary singer of Chicago sensation, The Boyzz and eccentric friend of over 30 years, Mongo Man, put it together and take on the Chicago music scene. You’ll hear from music members in this industry of over 3000+ people in this viable city. Everyone has an opinion and a destination. It is the duty of Dirt and Mongo to put a new twist on things and give you up to date information on the history, present and future goals of each guest. There are laughs, sighs and cries during some of these interviews as well as uncontrollable bursts of insanity. Be a part of this show each week and find out what you’ve been missing… it’s likely that you will be educated on some part of Chicago music history and more so getting the scoop on new projects being hosted here in Chi Town. You can be a part of each show by calling in: 347-945-5105! … And yes, the beautiful Sweet G produces every one of them! (Guess who wrote this…) Listen each Wednesday night, 9pm CST to The Dirty Dan and Mongo Man Show.. It’s Not Your Mother’s Radio Program (but then again, she may be listening, too!). Look out Chicago.. talk radio will NEVER be the same and it’s about time, too.

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