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"Guns, midgets (little people), hookers (pleasure professionals), butthash, grumfuffles, lowlifes, blood, and two manchildren coming-of-age together as they navigate through a city of crime armed only with their wits, service weapons, and healthy libidos. Put the kids to bed, and hand the babysitter a beer.... It's Duck 'N Cover!!! When Miller and McKenna lost their respective partners in a controversial and widely-publicized failed drug bust, the two greenhorn detectives were paired up to fight crime the only way they know how... sloppily. Det. Miller, the anal retentive, super conservative, play-by-the-rules type, is the voice of reason to Det. McKenna's on edge, short-attention-span, vulgar persona. When things get heated, Miller questions, "What would Sun Tzu do?" McKenna finds out how many spent hollow-point shells it takes to get to the center of the situation. Miller and McKenna deal mostly with the throw away cases, the ones more seasoned detectives would find insulting. They're trying to earn respect while paying their dues. That's not to say they are at all happy with the situation, or even each other at times. McKenna can't wait to make homicide and hunt down murderers and rapists. Miller on the other hand is probably more suited for internal affairs or perhaps public affairs. Each hour they spend together in smelly undercover stakeout cars, digging through garbage for clues or busting a single mom for public urination their bond grows stronger sometimes to their shock and dismay. In any other world they wouldn't be firends, but in this one it becomes a necessity.

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