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Although Tim can just remember Radio Caroline's arrival in 1964 it was the later album format that had the biggest influence on his music taste. In 1989 he was able to give practical help to the station after hearing about the Dutch raid, and felt he could offer his services a Production Engineer who had access to much surplus equipment. He is still supplying the ship with goods and services today!
His first on-air experience was for Pirate BBC Essex on the LV 18 as a co-presenter. It was here he met Radio Caroline's John Patrick who would become a mentor. Tim's first show for Caroline was early in 2004 where he was able to bring his passion for music to the air. He has also sat-in for Rob Leighton during Rob's spells of illness and they had similar tastes so this was a pleasurable experience.
Tim's own show Magic Carpet Ride has more of a Classic Rock slant – somewhat reminiscent of the old Overdrive shows.Tim's taste takes in AOR through to medium heavy Symphonic Goth. Amongst his favourites are Mostly Autumn, Epica, Nightwish, After Forever, Pendragon and Evanescence.
He believes Caroline should continue playing the album rock other stations ignore and is happy to fit in listeners choices around his. Even if it means spending time tracking down the more obscure track to play the following week.

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