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Embrace your inner expatriate and come away to this new wild west where we live free in our off-grid paradise commune nestled in the green valley of a mountain range jutting out of the sea. No rules. Plenty of consequences. About the place, Mollyville... Rich with cutting-edge technology and abundant in natural resources, Mollyville thrives as a self-policing, paradise community with beaches, cliffs, exotic forests and a system of unknowably vast subterranean caverns that extend beyond sight. Social media is a construct of the past. No emails. No smart phones. No telephones. It's a whole new world separated from ours by distance, exclusion from world maps, and self-reliance. Mollyville is completely off-the-grid. The tenet in mollyville is “Nothing living shall go without love, companionship or care—not a snake, not a tree, not a house—not ever.” It is a covenant all residents have agreed to uphold on a personal level at all times. Mollyvillian culture is unique in the way that there’s no formal law enforcement, but rather an integrity-based peacekeeping by way of calling for ‘a recognizing’ when it’s deemed by influential members of the community that the peace and/or safety of Mollyville is threatened. In this instance, a fluctuating, self-assigned faction of residents take on roles of marauders to exact (a sometimes brutal) satisfaction, making a demand of retribution on behalf of the perceived victims or the community at large, and redistributing their wealth to those who are esteemed to be the most deserving under the circumstances, which sometimes but not always results in the deaths of the targets—though, this happens only in the most extreme cases of offense to the community. Freedom is recognized as one of many inalienable rights and the culture dictates residents give each other a wide berth, tolerating all but some transgressions in the name of keeping the peace. About the story… Bjørn Olsen, a healing psychopath in the golden years of self-recovery, struggles to maintain his cool in the idyllic seaside commune of Mollyville. Plagued by rotten adult children, a careless promiscuous wife, and a vindictive ex-girlfriend, Bjørn finds himself struggling against his dark side to stay in the light. Infuriated by his blackmailing son and fueled by his own jealousy, he hunts his wife’s used-to-be best-friend at the local bar and makes the terrible mistake of approaching her. He had no idea she’d become so bitter. Shouting allegations, she causes a scene. As the salacious gossip rips through Mollyville, whispers of ‘a recognizing’ bleed through the community, Bjørn begins to fear that he, his wife Eva—and maybe all of the Olsens are targets for murder. Miles away, new arrivals to Mollyville, Janik and Nohl, two dodgy grifters tired of selling ‘sensual massages’ and asking for rooms and food on credit, decide to give up their lives of petty crime, allowing themselves to be mentored in the hopes of making Mollyville their new home. Plateau Nick, a crazy artist who prefers life in the forest, offers them a better way of life, and it looks promising, but they are soon to discover that—just like every other place they’ve been—there will be a price to pay. Cast of Characters (partial) Bjørn Olsen Middle-aged. Healing psychopath in his golden-years of self-recovery. Still has urges but no longer struggles with his desire to act upon them. He’s got his life the way he wants it. As he suspected, his ability to resist violence and the behavior patterns that lead him to it increased once he brought balance into his life through physical fitness, meditation and a loving romantic relationship with a woman he respects and admires. No longer a playboy but still a romantic, Bjørn pushes his own boundaries in his quest to satiate his curiosity about a dangerous beauty he’s been admiring for years. Mx. Goldie Glâs Ageless beauty. It’s impossible even to guess an age for Goldie more than to say she is ‘old enough’. The only more impossible thing to guess is her origin gender. Goldie is a known prostitute. Many residents consequently (and not coincidentally) do know her physiological makeup today but would be hard-pressed to say whether she’s comprised of upgrades or rocking all origin parts. Part-time prostitute when she feels like it and not any other time. Old habits die hard is what Goldie will tell you if you ask why she pimps herself when she doesn’t need to do it to survive. Her real source of wealth comes from wagers she makes at the pub bar. From side-bets on beer pong to speed-shot-sudoku championships, Goldie often wins. All the years on the game honed Goldie’s sense of human intention to near psychic ability. If the cardholder knows what cards they have, by looking at their faces and body language, Goldie will know too. Not above using all her cunning but never a cheat, she doesn’t hesitate to push the wagers up to the highest she knows her opponent will hate to lose and loves to win. Never a sore loser but an especially poor winner when she wins away a treasure from any opponent who has caused her grief in the past. Most coveted winnings: countless family heirloom pieces, “The Concert” by Vermeer, 42 uncut diamonds of unknown origins, more than 14 tiaras set with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, pearls and diamonds, a score of water beads in various sizes—Goldie owns more than these 20 beads. In total she has 29 beads, these 9 others are gifts from her closest friend and fellow mountain adventurer, the house-free man who lives on the plateau. Plateau Nick Lifetime outdoorsman and resident wide-boy. Wealthy beyond his needs, Nick enjoys the freedoms his talent for creating beautiful natural art provides. Aesthetic value in Mollyville is high. Plateau Nick creates what all residents consider the finest artistic objects in the world. Water beads. Highly prized for their ability to soothe the mind, Nick’s beads are the most coveted treasures in Mollyville. In addition to being hypnotic to look at, the magnificence of Plateau Nick’s beads can be felt, “like when your eyes are closed but you can feel the presence of someone—something—enter the room.” In addition to creating the most coveted currency in Mollyville, he also creates wearable art with metaphysical properties, combining the magnetism of the beads set with crystals designed to interact with the energy field of the wearer. Happiest and at home anyplace beneath the stars, a tree canopy or the open sky, Plateau Nick earned his namesake by frequent sightings of him on Henri Plateau. Bjørn Olsen is one of Plateau Nick’s favorite clients, but his favorite friend is Bjørn’s nemesis—an international arms dealer. Merv Known to all for his kindness and generosity, one of only a few residents that frequently travels to the world and a life beyond Mollyville. Merv has a yacht and uses it often. Currently living in Mollyville’s oldest residence with a live-in assistant, full-time domestic staff, and his teenaged daughter. Anastatia Merv’s Daughter, and budding chemical biologist. Spends most of her time alone in the forests of Young Heathrow and on the playa. Loves her own company and that of her best friend and business partner. Jovan Jazar Mollyville’s resident beach bum and self-experimenter, she lives on the playa in a state-of-the-art houseboat with its front doors facing the sea. She knows everyone, and all their business but keeps it to herself. Gregarious but cloistered. If you want to see Jovan Jazar, you’d better head to the playa because she isn’t going to come to you with her euphoria producing vines and seaweeds. Eva Olsen Jovan Jazar’s best client, Bjørn’s wife, Goldie’s lover; mother to Antigone, Jas, and Axel Olsen. Ageless beauty. Living the life of her dreams and gorging herself with all pleasantries life has to offer. Holding back nothing, sparing nothing, Eva lives to the fullest. Life-long artist, talented sculptor. Physically fit from frequent swims in the sea, silk aerial acrobatics and frequent hikes to the top of Henri Plateau. Generally soft spoken but prone to recklessness when caught up in passion, or grief. Axel Olsen Rockstar extraordinaire, a big fish in a small pond. Mid-thirties. Taller than average, and extremely good-looking, Axel has a way about him that all people find irresistible. One of Mollyville’s newlyweds who still plays around. He’s a man of few words but likely formidable intelligence softened by his woo woo musician persona. Easy to be with, just like his father Bjørn. Intimately close with his only sister Antigone since the beginning of her time yet at odds with his younger brother who despises Axel and who Axel believes to be a complete ass. Jas Olsen Mollyville’s wayward son. Slightly underweight, a neat-looking man with clean fingernails in his early-twenties. Observant and mostly annoyed by how badly people behave when they believe no one is watching. He loves his sister Antigone and envies the life she’s created for herself even though he wouldn’t want the same for himself. Fed up with his brother's rakish behavior, a flagrant display of clear disregard for their mother's well-being and disgusted with his father for Bjørn's apparent refusal to acknowledge what he considers their family's problems. Not above blackmail for some coin or illicit favors, Jas has more enemies than friends these days but his willful discretion during times he could have open his mouth for profit keeps the reckless in line. * The above is a partial Cast of Characters. To see the full cast visit

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