Guest Show: J.J. Flask Private Eye (part 2 of 2)


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A down on his luck PI finds himself on the hunt for a crazed killer, in this noir-styled thriller. Starring: Heath Harper - JJ Flask Dana Jesberger - Clara Henry Roe - Terrance A WORD FROM CHRIS

After I had finished photography and editing on the first chapter, I instantly knew I wanted to make another. I was so enthralled with the black and white noir style, I couldn't get enough of it. Still can't. I wanted to keep that perpetually "down his luck" angle for Flask, and since I had already done the fem fatal trope with Queen Adelaide previously, I wanted to tackle the complicated ex troupe next, and thus, Clara was born.

One thing I wanted to keep at the center of it all, was Flask's feelings for Clara. No matter how horrible she may be, he still has a soft spot for her. He's a hopeless romantic after all.

With chapter 1 complete, it was pretty easy to write chapter 2 and just build on what was there. I felt that was a healthier direction to go in, rather than just doing a completely unrelated story. Things are always the most intriguing when they get personal for the characters.

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