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What's up guys, my name is Greg Anderson, and after spending a decade in the Special Operations/Para-Military community and 14 overseas deployments, I pursued a new career in Law Enforcement with the interest in putting the deployment lifestyle behind me. In light of so many events in 2020 regarding law enforcement I decided to speak up on the behalf of the profession and it ultimately cost me my job, but because of this I’ve taken my life in a new direction and one of my pursuits is launching this podcast! The Endless Endeavor Podcasts was created with the understanding that life is a continuous and arduous journey. I’ve learned that the only way I can grow and develop as a human is maintaining an understanding that there is always a lot to learn and preserve a curiosity across a wide spectrum of interests. Through this journey of life I have had the honor to walk amongst giants and look forward to bringing our listeners quality content on a variety of topics. We will be delving into military operations, jiu jitsu and martial arts, liberty and freedom, tactical proficiency, health and wellness, overcoming depression and PTSD, leadership and team dynamics, parenting, law enforcement and so much more.

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