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The Mythic Politics Podcast, exploring the murky worlds of political conspiracies and government corruption, lampoons classic conspiracy theories like bohemian grove gatherings, the Bilderberg meetings, and the JFK Assassination, to modern misconceptions like PizzaGate, the Qanon movement, and 9/11 being an inside job. Mythic Politics casts a humorous eye on UFO phenomena like men in black, reptilians and alien abductions, cryptozoology like bigfoot, loch ness and Chupacabra, and fringe science like flat earth, chemtrails, and anti-vaxxers. The hosts (Everett Tucker and Alexander Strange) conjure comic conversations on magick and the occult such as hermeticism, alchemy and qabalah, and secret societies like the freemasons and the Bavarian illuminati.Mythic Politics also delves into the relationship between religion and mythology, the marriage of religion and politics, separating church and state, while scrutinizing religious cults, conmen, charlatans, and their manipulation of peoples’ belief in the paranormal, supernatural and spiritualism.

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