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Feeling overwhelmed as a mom? Tired of doing everything for your kids and wish… just wish… someone would step in to help you out? Welcome to the No Guilt Mom parenting podcast hosted by author, teacher & parenting coach JoAnn Crohn, M.Ed and co-host parenting coach & educator, Brie Tucker. Every Tuesday, we give you practical advice for moms and positive parenting tips - all without the shame and guilt. We make it fun. We’re from a generation where our moms were supposed to be able to do it all. They went to work and yet were still expected to take care of the house and kids. Our moms put everything extra they had into us kids and we realize there is a better way. The way to give your kids your best is to give yourself the very best - without the mom guilt. How to master positive parenting without doing absolutely everything. That means focusing on what you like to do. If you don’t like playing LEGO’s on the floor with your kids, you don’t have, too. In my parents’ generation, moms gave up everything for their kids and I don’t want to do that. Kids who learn how to be self-sufficient are happier kids and have happier moms. Welcome to the No Guilt Mom podcast!

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