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Your odds of a successful Self Defense are monumentally greater if you are prepared… because Bad people exist. Each episode covers realistic self defense stories, scenarios, strategies and life saving tips that might just save your life. Why can we say this? Because we regularly have expert guests from the CIA, NAVY SEALS, ARMY RANGERS, MARINE RECON, LEOs, US Intelligence Experts who share their experiences and tactics that work. Weekly Topics include and revolve around REAL WORLD ATTACKS & SCENARIOS: Bullying, Active Shooter Response, Abusive Co-Workers, High School Self Defense, Campus Self Defense, College Self Defense, Travel Self Defense, Rape, Car Jackings, Situational Awareness, Mental Mindset, Riots, Shopping Mall Violence, Restaurant Ambush, On a Plane, Public Transportation/Taxis, Elevator, Public Restrooms, Pumping Fuel in your vehicle, Being Followed in your car, Being Followed on foot, Road Rage, Parking Lot - Getting in and out of your car, Anti-Kidnapping/Abduction, Self Defense for Women, Self Defense for Seniors, Self Defense for REALTORS, Active Shooter, E.D.C., Prepping for Specific Real Life Scenarios, Neighbors - Creating a Team, Home Proofing, Mental Mindset - Mentally preparing to defend yourselfAnd more. Weekly Guests will include: Agents from organizations with lots of letters, Special Forces, Self Defense Instructors, Law Enforcement, Professional Fighters, Celebrities, Advisors to the CIA, and more... Why Listen To The Self Defense Channel?Self Defense Training Saves Lives. Period. “Life Changing” and “Eye Opening.” When attackers ask you to come with them, or “Get in the Car!”… It’s not because they want to take you to dinner or to go to a movie… Self Defense prepares people for any type of “Bad Guy” assault… Verbal, Mental, Physical, Intimidation, Weapons, Multiple Attackers, By Bringing awareness in these troubling times, it is our hopes that more people will begin taking care of the most valuable person in the world – Themselves – by getting Self Defense Training. About your Host - Greg Pasden is a COBRA Self Defense instructor, an NRA certified instructor, a Cane Self Defense Coach, a retired military pilot with 22 years of combat experience, an international cargo pilot, a world traveler, and adventurer. He is a former collegiate bodybuilder, boxer, fencer, and he is still an advocate for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He has been assaulted, attacked and been involved in multiple mugging attempts. He has worked with US and NATO Special Forces, law enforcement, nameless agents from organizations with lots of designating letters, and martial arts experts from around the globe. Now he is sharing Self Defense Tips That Might Just Save Your Life. We truly do not want people to experience the terror of a brutal attack. It can be physically painful, life changing, as well as mentally damaging. Grab your favorite drink, and listen to The Self Defense Channel. ...The next 15 minutes might just Save Your Life or the life of someone you love. Subscribe and Become Fearless ... The Self Defense Channel.

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