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There are so many inspiring people whose stories are being shared all over, but there are not many which express the voices of teen girls. Many people believe that we are too young to be doing incredible things and that older adults make much more of a difference than we do. But, our teens are the next generation and whatever condition our society is left in, it will be our responsibility to do what the past generation wasn’t able to do. Many teens today are making difference in our society. For example, the gun violence movement was started by high schoolers that survived a school shooting and decided that they had enough. The purpose of my podcast is to interact and share the inspiring stories of teen girls and shine a positive light on what we have been able to accomplish. I will be meeting with several different girls and interviewing them about their personal stories and how they are making a difference with the meaning of not only shining a light on them but also to inspire others and show that they as well can make a difference. My plan is to meet with girls from across the globe because everyone has a story worth being told and I’m here to help make them accessible.

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