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Ever feel you have to re-invent yourself, re-train and re-learn everything? Answer YES, then same here.My Name is Lee Taylor and I am a mid life man trying to not get left behind. Recently I found myself questioning things and worrying about the future more than ever. I'm concerned things are changing for me and I will soon be left behind by younger and stronger competition. I for sure and maybe like you, do not want to grow old gracefully and let the young push forward leaving us for dead. People like us want to get stronger, fitter, faster and better. Not just personally but in all areas of life and business. We may not know how to do it yet, but that will soon change. This Podcast Journals how I will make the changes needed, what I am learning and doing. I will share everything about my life and the improvements I am implementing. You can use these journals to start implementing what I am doing into your own Life. Together we can take our Mid Life years and push back time.We will learn to live longer, stronger and wiser lives. Building better families, better businesses and better health. I know for sure that is what I will do from now on and I want to help as many people like me do the same. So why listen to someone you have never heard of? Well a little about me and what my life will bring to the Podcast.....I currently Live in Felixstowe UK with my beautiful Polish girlfriend. I recently became a father again and have a 7 month old baby. I have a 12 year old daughter from my first marriage and the family is completed with yet another daughter (step) who is 8. As you can see I am the only male in the house (Even the dog is a Bitch) so if anything, Just by having a microphone to talk to could be a massive bonus in keeping my sanity. I love Coffee, even as I write this at 5.50am I am on my second cup. I don't live the healthiest lifestyle at the moment. Lockdown 2020 hasn't been good for my mental or physical health. I have struggled to come to terms with what has happened. I have 2 businesses, 1 looks after elderly people and the other is a gym where people come to get fit. Having these businesses give me a great insight into how we decline as we get older and what we can do to slow the process down. I see people everyday who are sick, tired and giving up. I also see people who are energetic, fit and healthy into very old age. At the moment I haven't been looking after myself. I am over weight, tired and stressed. I see myself falling into the 'Sick and tired' section and I don't like it. I also see myself getting left behind online. I have no idea how social media really works. I know it is the future and I need to learn to survive in Business. I know I can contribute but I don't know how. So I will be learning how to change that as well. This Podcast will talk about my life and how I will change everything for the better, what I am doing and what I am learning. How I will build a following online from scratch. How I will improve and build my businesses, how I will go from overweight and unhealthy to fit, strong and fast and more importantly how I will together with my family build the best life possible. If that sounds like something you would want to do to, let's do it together. My aim will be to post a daily Journal of what I have done and learned the day before and what I will be doing. I will talk about the struggles as well as the success. I'll aim to provide content that will entertain and educate.So If like me you are Mid Life and you want to kick back time and improve on what you have make sure you tune in and subscribe.

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