Storybook Bundles


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Storybook Bundles is a podcast for children. In Oct 2020, I wanted to give my toddler son (Aaron) a list of audios of me reading some children's books with my crazy voice impersonations, for example, Elmo or Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, so I decided to make this podcast for him, my future grandchildren, or anyone else that would enjoy it. These audios are special to me personally, because all my life I've suffered from dyslexia, and having a difficulty in reading anything, but this helps me overcome that obstacle, and hopefully encourage others that are having reading problems. I may have dyslexia, but dyslexia doesn't have me. So Let's Read. I wish for storybook bundles to be a source of comfort for children, and their family everywhere. curlyblueproductions #storybookbundles

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