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Featured in Toi Magazine, Minding Your Mind podcast, and for non-profit organizations such as Voices Beyond Assault, IkSahara Foundation, The Lotus Movement & HIMMAT, your host, Aaron Sharma, is a speaker and advocate for mental health, adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and addiction. Having silently lived through the residual effects of childhood domestic abuse and childhood sexual abuse, to facing his trauma and speaking his truth two decades later, he has discovered liberation and empowerment and has evolved from victim to owner. Your host IS a SURVIVOR. Now your host puts himself out there to give hope to those living in silence. The Beneath The Mask podcast experience, through individual commentary and guest appearances, is a safe place, free of judgment and discrimination, where women and men from all walks of life come together to talk about the lifelong impacts of trauma and the manifestation of mental health realized. All in the hopes of instilling four simple words: "You are not alone." So what are you waiting for? Sit back for some real life story telling and tips on personal growth. Note: This podcast is not a replacement for mental health therapy. For advice on situations that are unique to you, please contact your local mental health counseling center. To get featured as a guest, share your story today at

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