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Hey friend 👋🏽you can now be a part of the authentically team🎫! Just launched a Patreon page where you can have exclusive access to this podcast, behind-the-scenes content, motivational morning coffee talks from Europe, a chance to ask a question to an upcoming featured guest, and more. Here's where you can join the team as a free agent, a starter, or get that all-access credential:*** in a world full of facades & fakes, people posting highlight reels of life & media showcasing many times just one side of the story--I'm here to keep it real, being authentic as we all are in this thing called life together...learning, growing, and staying the course. with my experience in news media, professional sports, & traveling the world - i’ve seen truly there’s two sides to every story and how we need to truly LOVE another to bring authentic growth & change - from being a national cable news (Fox News Channel) multimedia reporter covering breaking news stories throughout the country airing in top 10 TV markets, Sirius XM radio, & an online leading news having stories I covered on CNN, ABC’s GOOD MORNING AMERICA & NBC’s THE TODAY being a digital host for a news agency started by Ryan Seacrest and Wanda Syke’s producer ... to being a sports producer/ anchor with NBC, FOX, ABC, and CBS ... to working in Community Relations with the Detroit Pistons & marketing with the LA Clippers to having a Bachelor of Arts in Communication & minor in International Relations & spending summers coaching kids through a sports ministry non-profit including in Italy, Romania, England & Wales — i aim to tell stories with integrity & passion. i am passionate, man. passionate about being the best husband i can be to the best woman of all time - Mrs Amber J from LA, passionate about loving family & friends-learning to keep my circle small, passionate about protecting family values, passionate about wanting a generation of men who actually RESPECT women & others... i am a michigander (which means, yes, i am a Detroit Lions fan) loving travel, music, sports, talking culture, and deep things that actually matter, to chopping' it up about who the GOAT is (including which fries are the best--my wife and I have to say In n Out) , to figuring out how to do life with excellence--let's talk. ALSO : there's too many boys in this world & not enough men. in a world with terrible examples of what it means to be a man (whether you're dealing with a boy whose hobby is swiping right and on to the next one, noncommittal tools, fatherless homes, abandonment, physical/emotional abuse--the list goes on) it's my passion to encourage a generation to RISE UP MAN UP AND STAND FIRM to fighting the good fight of faith -- when it seems like the world is turning authentic manhood away. it's about time we take a stand to be who we're called to be, whether you're a husband, son, friend, uncle, dad, employee, employer, business owner, sports fan, dancer, artist, rapper, 90's pop fan, academic, a thinker, a creative, logical, emotional, wherever you are and whoever you are--it's about time we be strong for our homes, our families, our culture, our world--not in that societal norm gutting it out without sharing what's ACTUALLY AUTHENTICALLY going on but selflessly loving our families, friends, neighbors with a strength like no other--looking to Jesus as the complete perfect example of how to do so--because I know one thing--that is the ONLY way to solve any problem...the RIGHT way. Support this podcast:

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