Left Foot Forward 05: Borderlin Pt 1


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Hey Dad,

It’s been many Brights since we last spoke so I thought I’d check in. An actual mail carrying Tender named Meena came through town and I thought of you, thought maybe she could bring this to your station. I guess I hadn’t been thinking of mail much since Borderlin’s tower isn’t exactly operational and because well, I was angry for a pretty long time and didn’t think to reach out. I’m not a kid anymore and feel bad that I blew up at you. I know you were hurting just as much as me, probably more since you knew Mom for longer, so I’m sorry for accusing you of not caring. I still disagree with you though, I think she would want us to look for her, so we could say goodbye. I think she has been looking for us too and I feel closer than ever.

Mama Orchard has been too old to walk the fields these last few cycles so I’ve been taking it up. Facing the lost spirits has been eye opening. Though they can’t tell us their stories I can feel their sorrow, as well as their joy, I know they appreciate what we’re doing. It’s so amazing how the moths can help us communicate with others in Haeth as well as those beyond it. I know a lot of people might disagree with me but I think Borderlin is a lucky place to live, where else can we be so close to those we’ve lost and have such an intimate experience helping them move on?

Anyways, what I want to ask... is a lot to ask... so I won’t. Hope you are healthy. Maybe I’ll hear from you if Meena ever comes back through Borderlin. I’ll give Mom your love. Love you too. Sincerely,

This letter was written by our guest! Devin can be found on twitter @devindecibel

In this Episode We meet Early Orchard and Build out the Moth Tender playbook in a new way! Early is a Hyena who lives in the town of Borderlin, a place with a tragic past. Living with his grandmother Early helps the spirits of the lost find new hope and move on.

The Intro is adapted from the Wanderhome Text written by Jay Dragon and Published by Possum Creek games.

Wanderhome and more can be found here at possum Creek games https://possumcreekgames.itch.io/wanderhome

The music behind the intro is "A Hop, Skip, and a Jump" and the outro music is "one foot in front of the other" by Devin Nelson.

"Field of Bones" is also written and performed by Devin Nelson

To find more of Devins work and support him check out devindecibel.bandcamp.com

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