What is reentry anxiety and how to cope with it after the pandemic with psychologist Dr. Scott Bea


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Cleveland Clinic psychologist Dr. Scott Bea joins 3News' digital anchor Stephanie Haney to discuss several types of "reentry anxiety" that people may be feeling as pandemic restrictions ease: post-isolation anxiety likened to returning to the world after prison, closeness and crowd anxiety, concerns related to returning to the office, and body image issues. Dr. Bea shares general ways to cope with these types of anxiety, as well as tips specific to each type of concern, and Stephanie breaks down science-based exercises for easing back into social interaction, courtesy of The New York Times. Plus, Stephanie explains why Talkspace is a great tool that you Need to Know in NEO, and the many reasons that artist and illustrator Hannah Daisy is A Good Follow on Instagram. Connect with Dr. Scott Bea here: http://my.clevelandclinic.org/staff/2070-scott-bea Check out these science-based exercises to ease back into society: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/08/well/mind/pandemic-re-entry.html Need to Know in NEO: Talkspace online therapy http://www.talkspace.com/ A Good Follow: Artist and Illustrator Hannah Daisy http://www.instagram.com/makedaisychains Connect with Stephanie Haney: http://twitter.com/_StephanieHaney http://instagram.com/_StephanieHaney http://facebook.com/TheStephanieHaney

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